Your First Appointment at True Potential Chiropractic For Chronic Pain: What To Expect

Your First Appointment at True Potential Chiropractic For Chronic Pain: What To Expect

If you suffer from chronic pain, dealing with effectively is most likely a bit difficult. Many find that making an appointment with our chiropractor at True Potential Chiropractic in Beaverton has successful results in minimizing pain and discomfort. Here is some information about chronic pain and what you can expect during your first appointment with our chiropractor.

Your Medical History Is Discussed In Detail

To help eliminate pain, knowing a bit about your medical past is necessary. Our chiropractor requests that you bring along any documentation pertinent to past surgeries, illnesses, or other medical conditions to help them determine if they have any impact on the pain you are experiencing. This information will also be useful to help in deciding which treatment options are available to keep you in the best of health.

An Evaluation Of The Pain Is Conducted

Our chiropractor will need you to perform a few tests to determine the extent of the pain you are experiencing. This usually entails trying to move affected body parts in different ways to see what degree of difficulty you have when doing so. The range of motion is evaluated and our chiropractor will assess your movements to devise a plan for your treatment.

Some Treatment May Be Started To Reduce Chronic Pain

If conditions allow, our chiropractor may start treatment to reduce chronic pain during your first appointment. This is usually done in small increments to see how your body responds. For example, heat or ice therapy may be administered for a short duration of time to see if it causes discomfort or if it brings you relief. In addition to temperature therapy, our chiropractor can perform massage, give spinal adjustments, recommend lifestyle changes, and offer help with exercises to minimize pain.

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