Beyond massage: bodywork techniques to try today

It’s no doubt massage is a nice thing you can do for your body and soul You’ve probably had a professional massage and can confidently request a relaxing massage versus a deep tissue massage. You might even be able to navigate your way around the difference between Swedish Massage and Thai Massage styles. But did you know some less familiar massage modalities might be just the treatment you need?


Cupping is a short-term non-aggressive treatment to open the body’s tissues quickly. An excellent add-on during a massage session, therapeutic silicone cups create a type of vacuum therapy at the skin’s surface. The application of a suction force on the skin can reach down through four inches of fascia in the body. Cupping pressure is easily adjusted to suit sensitivity.

Cupping can alleviate chronic adhesive tissue and stagnation of metabolic waste. Even light suction pressure is useful as a lymphatic modality.


Kinesio-taping (K-tape for short) is a means of gently and continually opening the fascia for a few days. K-tape is used for extending the efficacy of a cupping treatment or as an add-on service after a therapeutic massage session. K-tape is a waterproof adhesive bandage that maintains tension on the skin’s surface to manipulate the fascia. A similar effect to cupping, K-tape is gentle, benefiting the recipient over time.

Benefits of Cupping and K-Tape

Cupping and K-tape can be used strategically depending on the recipient’s therapeutic goals. K-tape is a light and continuous myofascial therapy best used for injured regions where cupping would be cautioned –  such as around disk herniations, over bruises, bony landmarks, lipomas, and sprains and strains. Both offer numerous benefits.

  • Improved CirculationCupping and K-tape open the muscles and fascia to enable more comfortable movement, circulation, and tissue hydration of the problem area and surrounding muscles.
  • Detox and Immune BoostingCupping and K-tape draw blood to the surface lymphatics and enable the body to detox from stagnant muscular waste. When used as a lymphatic drainage tool, it is safe to use light suction pressure cups and K-tape every day.
  • CelluliteCupping conditions the skin, diminishing cellulite’s appearance and aiding in the optimal functioning of the secretion glands.  As a cellulite reduction tool, it is recommended to use the cups every day with light to medium suction pressure and brisk strokes to break up the fascia.
  • Cold PartsCupping and K-taping can transfer heat to colder areas of the body by mobilizing the blood and lifting the tissues.

At True Potential Chiropractic, our massage therapists can work with you to identify if cupping or K-tape (or a combination) would be a beneficial addition to your bodywork plan. Cupping can be applied up to twice a week for optimal benefit. K-taping is applicable whenever you wish to improve lymphatic flow and reduce adhesive tissue.

Contact us today at (503) 574-4872 to book your next massage appointment, and don’t forget to speak to your therapist about these excellent massage add-ons to help you look and feel your best. We want you to live up to your True Potential!

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