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We’ve put together these easy follow-along stretch videos for you to do right in the comfort of your own home. The benefits of stretching go beyond relieving stiff muscles! Did you know, stretching is also great for improving your mood – something I bet all of us could use a boost with right now.

If you want to counteract “desk bod” and boost your happy vibes, proper stretching can improve your range of motion, increase flexibility, and relieve pain. Research shows stretching has other benefits like reducing anxiety, increasing vitality, decreasing depression symptoms, promoting blood circulation, regulating blood glucose levels, and increasing the endorphin, Dopamine.

Stretching improves:

Posture: Releasing imbalanced tension allows bones and joints to resume proper alignment and movement.

Circulation: Tight muscles restrict blood flow as they compress on the blood vessels that pass through the muscles and joints.

Alignment: Tight, inflexible muscles pull on bones and joints, causing the bone or joint to misalign.

Movement: Restricted muscles decrease the ability to move around pain-free.

Mood: Your body releases Dopamine and engages positively with your nervous system reducing mental stress as well as physical stress.

As with any exercise, start light and gradually migrate to more resistance when stretching. True Potential Chiropractic wants to support your best life, even under extraordinary circumstances. Pick a stretch and click on the link to follow along with the video:

Abductor Stretch

Foam Roller

Hamstring Stretch

Low Back Self Care

Neck Curve

Neck Extension

Superman Stretch

Wobble Disc

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