Whiplash and Chiropractic Care

Whiplash and Chiropractic Care

If you’ve recently been in an accident, you may be unsure as to whether or not you’re experiencing whiplash. While this condition is common, it can become debilitating if left untreated. At True Potential Chiropractic in Beaverton, our chiropractor has years of experience in helping people recover from whiplash after an accident.

Whiplash: How It Happens

Our necks and upper back (also known as the cervical spine) are filled with muscles, tendons, and bones that typically do an amazing job at responding to motion. During an accident, the impact can happen so quickly that the brain is unable to send a message to the neck and spine to brace itself. This can cause the neck and spine to move in unnatural ways, causing whiplash.

Whiplash Symptoms

Symptoms of whiplash differ from person to person, and it’s important to note that no two people will experience whiplash in the same way. Some of the most common signs of a whiplash injury include fatigue, nausea, headache, dizziness, general feeling of malaise, mood changes, and insomnia. It’s possible to just have one or two, or all of the symptoms. Whiplash symptoms typically develop 24 to 48 hours after the incident occurs.

When to Seek Care

Whiplash is most easily treated before symptoms set in. If you’ve been in an accident and think that it’s possible you may have a whiplash injury, it’s critical that you seek care before symptoms set in. The earlier treatment starts, the better. If you’re already experiencing symptoms, all hope is not lost, but it may take a longer time for you to recover from your injury.

Call Our Beaverton Chiropractor

If you’ve recently been in an accident, it’s important that you seek treatment for your potential whiplash injury right away. Call True Potential Chiropractic in Beaverton at (503) 574-4872 for professional, informed whiplash treatment.

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