Upper Back Pain

Back Care from True Potential in Beaverton, OR

If you have back pain of any type and do not understand why, the professionals at True Potential can explain. We will provide you a comprehensive exam that will pinpoint the cause and evaluate your symptoms before we set you up with a personalized careplan.

Chiropractor treating patient for upper back pain

How to Diagnose Back Pain

Your Beaverton Chiropractic Physician will test how well you can move your back and perform reflex and posture checks. This exam also may include an assessment of how well you turn and bend, along with up to 15 painless tests. Then, we might use digital x-ray to analyze the alignment of your spine and nervous system so that we are not guessing

How Your Beaverton Chiropractor Will Evaluate and Treat Your Injury

We will provide you a personalized report of findings (ROF) after your diagnosis. This includes a sit-down with the Doctor as he/she shares information about how your problems affect your health now and in the future.  We also will discuss your goals and recommend a logical plan that is right for you.

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