Telemedicine Health Talks

Our Monthly Telemedicine Health Talks are our way of shifting the conversation 


We will discuss how to avoid the common healthcare pitfalls and how to listen to your body signals.  Join us on the 4th Monday of every month for a free workshop and light meal!  Don't come alone, invite your friends and family.  We will be feeding you and your guests so please RSVP so we can save your seats with enough food to feed everyone.   This event is complimentary!  RSVP by calling (503) 574-4872.



This Month: Feeling worn out? Always fatigued? Are you having trouble making it through your day? Let us teach you how to live in such a way that your energy actually increases throughout your day, throughout your week, and throughout your life! Attend this workshop to learn the secrets of the most energetic people in the world. 

Click here to join us for our telemedicine health talk on Monday, January 25th at 12:30pm!


Future Workshop Topics

  •  January 2021: Energy: How to Recover After the Holidays
  • February 2021: Immune System - Boost Your Immune System in 21 Days
  • March 2021: How to Raise Healthy Kids
  • April 2021: Bulletproof Your Low Back
  • May 2021: 15 Pounds Healthier in 15 Weeks
  • June 2021: End Nagging Sports Injuries and Get Back in the Game
  • July 2021: Don't Burn Out: The Truth About Inflammation
  • August 2021: Stop Neck Pain 
  • September 2021: End Headaches Now
  • October 2021: Sleep Better Tonight
  • November 2021: Eliminate Digestion Issues
  • December 2021: Stressed Out? The Holiday Red Zone

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