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Dr. Bryen Bell is my personal chiropractor. In my opinion, Dr. Bell is one of the best in his profession. He is knowledgeable, caring, and skilled in his field. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Bell's professionalism in the workplace. Not only has he helped me feel better, he has assisted in keeping me healthy, which enables me to perform at the Major League level. As one of his patients, I would highly recommend DR. Bell to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

-Barry Bonds, Major League Baseball player

Dr. Bell has helped me tremendously in my professional career - I highly recommend him for all health issues. He keeps my life in balance and in great health!

-James O. Owner; LA Galaxy Futboleros

Dear Dr. Bell,

I would like to advise you of the exceptional service that I always receive from you and your staff. The care and attentiveness that BAC to Health provides is outstanding and I am very thankful. Recently, I participated in a soccer game at school and was involved in a situation where I fell and my teammate fell on me with his knee into the side of my neck. If I didn't have you to always reinforce my spine, this might have resulted in a negative consequence. Thank you again.

-Samuel G.

Dr. Bell treated me while I played for the Los Angeles Avengers and helped me to have my best season at the age of 30 via stretching and chiropractic adjustments. I give him my highest recommendation to anyone who has the desire to live their lives at their best.

-John D. Los Angeles Avengers

Dr. Bell is one of the best in his field, and is constantly educating himself to stay up to date on the latest techniques in his field. He was worked with top tier celebs as well as taken care of athletes from junior high to the pro levels. When I send my athletes that I work with to anyone, they must have my absolute trust that they are the best, and will have my athletes' best intentions in mind!!!

-Greg G. Promotions Director, LA Avengers

Bryen Bell is a devoted professional who focuses on the health and well being of every patient, athlete and individual he works with. I was fortunate to have Bryen as part of our Medical Staff with The Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League and felt he was an integral member assisting our players to perform at their best. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bell for anyone in need of his Chiropractic and Wellness services.

-Chris P. Head Athletic Trainer/Strength Coach, Los Angeles Avengers

Dr. Bell is the man! We worked together for many years in the LA Avenger organization. He has helped me stay on the field and bounce back from injury quickly... in turn extending my career as a professional athlete.

-Greg H.

Some chiropractors have "the touch", most don't. Dr. Bell has that special ability to pinpoint and help heal. He really knows his trade, and is pretty impressive the sports stars that he has as clients.

-Michael B.

Thanks Dr. Bell for all of your help! Fight On!

-Daniel J. Head Coach, USC Crew Team

Dr. Bell - Thank you for keeping me team and I game ready, we are so lucky to have you as part of the Temptation Nation!

-Niki C. Los Angeles Temptations

I highly recommend Dr. Bryen Bell to any organization or professional sports team as a Chiropractic provider. Over my five years with the Avengers as Head Athletic Trainer, Dr. Bell has been a steadfast and dedicated member of our organization, working with tremendous professionalism and a thorough understanding of sports medicine. He is detail-oriented and courteous, and our athletes are loyal to him and his chiropractic methods. His charisma draws our players to him, and his attitude and ability are universally respected on our football staff, from coaches to front-office administrators. In addition, Dr. Bell understands his role as Chiropractor in this sports medicine staff and his communication skills are excellent. Most importantly, Dr. Bell has helped the Avengers reach their individual goals for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and athletic performance.

-Brian Nguyen. Head Athletic Trainer and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, LA Avengers.

I am delighted to write this letter for recommendation for Dr. Bryen A. Bell. I have had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Bell both professionally and personally, and he has my unqualified admiration, respect, and support in every way.

Dr. Bell has proven to be reliable, conscientious, and most importantly very competent. His work amongst our athletes and coaches has exceeded his service to a comfort level where everyone feels Dr. Bell is part of our team. He is well-liked, professional, and does an outstanding job of working with and around our changing day-to-day schedule.

Dr. Bell's most admirable quality is his character. He is a quality asset to our program, and well-respected in his profession.

Once again, Dr. Bryen bell has my full recommendation and support in helping you with your employees and/or athletes.

-Ed Hodgkiss, Head Coach, Los Angeles Avengers

Dr. Bryen, I want to take a moment and thank you for all your support. I am very fortunate to have used your experience to educate me physically.

-Dwayne Jones, Owner and Personal Trainer, Little Big Gym

Dr. Bell is a magician plan and simple! I come into his office with pain and he makes it disappear. I don't think I could make it through a season of rugby football without his care. On top of that, his office staff is always wonderfully warm and welcoming. I really can't imagine a better experience than at BAC to Health Wellness Center and highly recommend it to anyone. Seriously, make an appointment now!

-Reed M. USC Rugby Club

After landing REALLY hard on my coccyx at derby practice, I began having pain in my lower back and hip area. I went to some other doctors, but they tried to poison me with drugs and yucky stuff - no thanks!

On the recommendation from other girls in the league, I went to see Dr. Bell. I was skeptical at first (and also desperate), but he really made a believer out of me. He knows what he is talking about, is very thorough, and does not make you feel like a dork for asking 1,000 questions.

I am seeing him regularly, and am finally able to move around again. It's awesome to be able to get through a practice without having to stretch in the middle of a drill.

-Martine, Angel City Derby Girls

Dr. Bell set me straight! No more headaches, YAY! AND with every new dislocated rib, shoulders, and onset of whiplash that derby gives me…he puts me back together!

I suffered from chronic low back issues that needed near constant attention. Dr. Bell was a key contributor to keeping me on the field. Without his adjustments, playing at a high level would not have been possible. Dr. Bell has an undying positive energy, and I always leave his office better off than when I entered. I truly appreciate his efforts and would recommend him to anyone.

-Rob Turner. Former Professional FootballPlayer (NFL, AFL, CFL).

I would strongly like to recommend Dr. Bryen Bell for a position in your elite organization. I have personally known Dr. Bell for two years, both professionally and personally. Bryen is a gentleman that possesses high character and impeccable morals.

Doctor Bell is willing to work his private practice schedule around our team schedule to better accommodate us in helping achieve our goals. When treating our players and staff, Dr. Bell treats them as if they personally are the ones in charge. Dr. Bell helps our players in recovering from injuries quicker, which means less time missed on the playing field.

-Mike Wilpolt. Defensive Coordinator, Los Angeles Avengers

While playing for the Los Angeles Rugby Club, I received the highest standard of care and clinical competence, both on the sideline before games and throughout the week by Dr. Bryen Bell. Dr. Bell specializes in the treating and preventing of sports-related injuries and helped me to achieve my peak performance all season long. His focus placed a big emphasis on the function of the entire human body - not just relieving pain - but maximizing my full capabilities in a pain-free way.

Throughout the season, Dr. Bell was able to use proven techniques to evaluate my body's function, improve performance, and prevent and treat any injuries I may have acquired during a long and grueling rugby season. Dr. Bell's chiropractic techniques provided me with hands-on, effective treatments that helped to relieve my back, neck and extremity problems without drugs or surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell and BAC to Health Wellness to any athlete.

- Dave L. Los Angeles Rugby Club

Dr. Bell was my chiropractor when I attended the University of Southern California. AS a member of the Trojan Marching Band, my body underwent stresses that I'd never experienced before, and my back began to hurt terribly.

I couldn't sit in my chair at my internship for long periods of time without my lower back stiffening and causing me pain, and doing simple exercises like sit-ups sent lightening-like pain up my back.

On the recommendation of one of the drumline teaching assistants, and on the advice of several friends who already used Dr. Bell's services, I signed up for chiropractic care.

Dr. Bell walked me through the process verbally, explaining exactly what was going on with my body and what was needed to fix it. He proposed a wellness plan that involved no invasive procedures or prescriptions, and also met all of my needs and relieved my pain.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Bell, except that if you are in pain and are looking for a solution that addresses the root of the problem rather than covering up the symptoms, suspend your disbelief and give BAC To Health a chance.

-Ashley A. USC Drumline.

Dr. Bell is truly a wizard in his field, but also always has time for casual conversation and the community. He has helped me with my back and neck problems, and his always excited to work. He has a real passion for what he does and donates a great deal of his time outside of the office.

-Spencer K. USC Rugby Club

Dr. Bell has been a God-send to all my injuries. I play professional football, and if it wasn't for his dedication and patience in helping me, I would never be able to participate in all the things I love. Thanks to Dr. Bell and all his staff for what they do.

-Kristina C. LA Temptations; Lingerie Football League

Dr. Bell has been incredibly supportive of the USC Men's Rugby Club. He sponsored our sick new jerseys, which we desperately needed to compete as we moved up to Division I. He has also helped me regain the ability to play at a high level by realigning my back and neck after a herniated disc this summer. Doc Bell is AWESOME!!

-Alex L. USC Rugby Club

Dr. Bell supports the USC Rugby team by not only fixing our broken bodies, but by promoting overall fitness and health. He encourages us to prevent injuries by taking care of our bodies, and is always willing to help us when we are hurt.

-Jesse N. USC Rugby Club

I have been a patient of Dr. Bell's for over 4 years. He has not only kept my body healthy, but has also trained me to take care of myself when I am away from his office. He has also maintained my back so I am able to play extreme sports (roller derby) as I am heading into my 40s!

-Edie L. Angel City Derby Girls

Dr. Bell is one of the best chiropractors I've ever worked with, but I see him as much more than a chiropractor. He works with the whole person. I just consider him my Doc. He is the league doctor for the Angel City Derby Girls. I came in with a bad knee injury from playing derby. After seeing many doctors, even an orthopedist, he was the first to say "stay off the skates and let it heal."

-Debbie L. Angel City Derby Girls

As a sponsor to the USC rugby team, providing care whether or not players have insurance coverage, Dr. Bell is a team player, as well as the best chiropractor. His adjustments provide relief beyond belief.

-Chris B. USC Rugby Club

Dr. Bell has been aligning my back whenever it gets out of alignment, helping me get over back pain, and keeps me in shape so I can continue training. Thanks Dr. Bell!

-Zak K. USC Crew Club

Back, neck, and shoulder pain has been a constant in my life ever since a show boarding injury left me with a bulging disc in 2000.  I have just accepted pain as something I live with, but it hasn't stopped me from being an athlete and enjoying life.  I'd never been to a chiropractor before I came to Dr. Bell about a month ago- and now I have had weeks of no pain.  I see him once or twice a week, and whatever he did is amazing.  Dr. Bell doesn't just treat the symptoms, he fixes the problem from its core.  He's made me get orthotics and checks in with me weekly to make sure I'm wearing them.  I notice that I'm standing straighter, have almost zero pain, and have noticed improvement in my energy level a digestive system.  I want my entire family and all my friends to come to him. I recommend him fully to everyone.

-Evey R. Angel City Derby Girls

Dr. Bell has been amazing for my overall health.  When I first came to BAC To Health my whole body was in pain.  With his guidance and adjustments, I am back to living.  I also love the positivity and complete care of BAC To Health.  I also love the positivity and complete care of BAC To Health.  Dr. Bell is local Angel City Derby Girls' biggest sponsor.  He is so important to the health of near 100 women that play roller derby.  He has helped so many of us.

-Sarah F. Angel City Derby Girls

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