Sinus And Gastrointestinal

Approximately 2 years ago I met Dr. Bryen Bell through a class I took with the City of Beverly Hills in my current position as a Park Ranger. I went to meet with Dr. Bell at his office with pre-existing sinus congestion, which is constant, and having scoliosis in my right shoulder. In the months that I have been getting my back and neck adjusted, I have never felt better. The adjustments take pressure off my back and my sinuses stay clearer a lot longer. If you have back or sinus issues I totally recommend seeing Dr. Bell if you want relief and results.

-Stephanie G.

After having completed my post-baccalaureate position with the UCI School of Medicine, I was in search of a job that could not only pay the bills but also teach me more about new areas of the medical field. While searching on Craigslist, I stumbled across an ad for a front office position in a well-established chiropractic office in Beverly Hills. Being that I knew very little about alternative medicine, I decided to submit my resume and see where it took me. Six months later here I am, part of the BAC to Health team as your very own front desk girl =)

During my time with BAC to Health, I have learned the true benefits of chiropractic care and its need in the health field. I can't tell you how many times I have watched people shuffle into the office and walk out almost skipping from being so happy that their pain was gone!

I have to admit that I myself was doubtful of how chiropractic care could do more than treat just back pain…I mean I didn't have back pain so why would I need chiropractic care? (HUGE misconception!). Thank goodness I had the sense to let Dr. Bell see what he could do for me!

You see, a little over a year before working for Dr. Bell, I was diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). I was put on prescription strength proton pump inhibitors for a month, which I was then told to continue to take over-the-counter histamine-2 blockers as needed (and believe me, I needed it). I never left the house without making sure I had my Tums and Prilosec in my purse.

BUT that all changed after about a month of being treated by Dr. Bell…he had slowly started fixing my subluxations and clearing my nerve channels! And as a result, my GERD is officially GONE and I can happily drink my morning coffee again!

-Cariza A.

I've been seeing Dr. Bell for approximately 2 years for sinus and back problems. When I started seeing Dr. Bell, my sinuses were always congested and my back always needed to be adjusted. Now I have never felt better and my sinuses stay clearer longer and my back stays adjusted longer. I recommend Dr. Bell …because he cares about his patients and understands their needs.

-Stephanie G.

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