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To: Dr. Bell,

You all are amazing! Xoxo

-Carissa Rosario, Cover model "Rukus" Magazine. Spokesmodel.

"Dr. Bell, thanks so much for keeping me on my toes!"

"Dr. Bell, I can carry her because of you"

"Dr. Bell, thank you so much for keeping me on my feet"

-Alan Ritchson, Actor, "Blue Mountain State" (Spike TV football comedy), Smallville (Aquaman), CSI: Miami.

I had neck and upper spine subluxation - it caused to have lack of energy, focus, and sometimes even some exercise limitations. Within a year of going to Dr. Bell, I'm much more energetic, and I can push myself harder when I exercise. I sleep better, I have a much more positive outlook on life, and the things that caused stress before seem much more trivial. Dr. Bell is all about overall wellness - getting adjusted is not like a massage or just a quick fix, but more of an overall effort to be healthier. I absolutely, 100% recommend Dr. Bell as a chiropractor!

-Kenny. USC Trojan Marching Band

It's times like these that you gotta love having a body! Thanks so much.

-Robbi F.

Dr. Bell,

You're the best

-Crystal, Pro Muay Thai Fighter

Dr. Bell,

I think of you often because you help my daughter get through her pain and for helping me on such notice. Thank you so much. May you have continued success and may you and your wife have many years of good health and happiness.

To Dr. Bell!

I hope that you and your wife enjoy the roses I made. It was an honor for me to make those for you.

You are a wonderful doctor and a great person. You have really helped me tremendously. Your concern and care about your patients make you stand out above the best doctors.

I am so glad that you became a doctor, and that I had the privilege of being one of your patients. I surely feel that when people meet- no matter what the circumstances are that bring them together - that it was set by God's divine appointment. I feel really blessed to have gotten to know you. Thank you so very much and may God bless you and your wife. Keep well and safe and enjoy life. I hope to keep in touch. You mean a lot to me- not only as a doctor, but also like a son.

Love and best wishes,

-Gloria Talbot

Dr. Bell, Bryen, exudes trustworthiness. I have complete confidence in his work and his recommendations. Bryen helps me keep my ageing body working. His office is peaceful and attractive. His staff is always pleasant and helpful. On top of it all, he's a really nice guy!"

-Nita C.

You always walk out the door feeling refreshed and in less pain! He is a great guy that provides great care.

-Kelsey A.

I've been coming here to Dr. Bell for 2 months now and I feel great! I'm back to exercising and walking, my energy level is back to where it needs to be-I'm drinking more water and have actually looked forward to my treatments. Yes BAC to Health has been the answer for me.

I'm sure you're already aware, but Bryen is amazing,. What a wonderful experience I just had in his office. Not only is he incredibly thorough, but has the best bedside manner of any doctor that I've ever worked with. I can't thank you both enough. Even though I'm not 100%, I feel sooo much better already. Thanks for taking care of me!

-Ken B.

I was having trouble doing everything and my back was always on my mind. Driving hurt, lifting boxes in the office hurt, sleeping hurt, etc.

After I saw Dr. Bell, my pain diminished and I actually stand straight now. My posture was also a problem before the pain started. I continue to see Dr. Bell. BAC to Health has definitely helped me and I would recommend BAC to Health to anyone.

-Ruben R.

Already after 5 visits in a period of less than 2 weeks I can feel a great difference, and this is all thanks to Dr. Bell's great work. I am just so very happy that I have found the greatest chiropractor of them all. My instinct of choosing Dr. Bell was the right one.

-Jelka F.

Dr. Bell has been very influential in my wellness care. My husband and I came to him for chiropractic help, but we have received so much more. He never stops teaching!

-Monica F.

I have been seeing Dr. Bell since 2006, and he keeps fixing me! I run a theater at USC and send all of my students to see him. He takes great care of them.

-Matt P.

The entire city in perfect alignment, allowing the body to heal without all the prescription drugs the pharmaceutical companies would love us to stay on...one person at a time.

-Sam P

I feel that Dr. Bell does great work. He has helped me out and has made me feel so much better. I would recommend any of my friends and family to Dr. Bell

-Erin O.

As a patient of Doctor Bell, I can say that he has provided exemplary care and professional service. I would recommend Dr. Bell to all of my friends and colleagues and he has made a significant difference in my physical and mental health.

-John P.

Dr. Bell's holistic approach to chiropractic care heads his patients to much better, happier, pain-free lives. He isn't a pill-pusher…he makes sure to explain HOW we can help his adjustments stick, and make changes to our own wellness. He isn't a sick doctor, he's a wellness-promoter. Kudos to Dr. Bell!!!

-Max B.

BAC to Health is a total care facility. While the focus is on chiropractic care, Dr. Bell also incorporates advice for a healthy overall lifestyle, from proper eating/ nutrition, exercise, to massage. BAC to health has gotten my vote for best chiropractic/ prevention care for the past three years - and counting!

-Leslie K.

This guy knows how to adjust, better than any others I've had. Now I go in for maintenance. He also did a great job wth my son, he knows a lot about the body. Go to Dr. Bell, you will really like him and his staff.

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