Neck And Back Pain

Dr. Bell literally saved my life. I walked in off the street in severe neck and shoulder pain. He carefully corrected the chronic problem and the follow up treatments have enhanced the daily value of my life.

-Brandon Phillips. CEO, AEG Live

 BB (Before Bell), I was one of those people who professed ambivalence about chiropractic care, who say things like "I don't believe in chiropractic."  Then one day I had excruciating back pain and, after exhausting all my options, found myself in Dr. Bell's office for the first time.  All it took was one treatment, and my pain instantly went away.

AB (After Bell), I'm a true believer.  Over time, my back health and health awareness have progressively improved.  Dr. Bell is amazing, accessible and creative.  The BAC To Health clinic reflects his spirit of openness and results-oriented care.  I can't recommend him strongly enough!

Charles H.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles approximately a year and a half ago, finding a chiropractor that I liked and trusted was a priority. I am pleased to say I did not have to experiment for very long before finding Dr. Bell.

I had chronic low back and neck pain prior to Dr. Bell's care. I no longer suffer from daily discomfort. However, I continue to see Dr. Bell for chiropractic care as a preventative measure. Every visit to the office is an educational experience. The knowledge and application of proper posture, exercise, and nutrition have positively impacted my quality of life.

-Mark L.

I did see my primary physician prior to seeing Dr. Bell, who indicated it was due to a prior pregnancy and the pain would eventually go away. He prescribed anti-inflammatories, which I only took for a few weeks and didn't seem to help.

The problem with my low back was that I was waking up in pain several times a week. Once I was up, I felt much better, but knew the pain would return.

In treating with Dr. Bell, the number of times per week that the pain appears has been reduced to maybe once a week. I feel that because of our doctor/ patient relationship, we are able to review my status on a regular basis (when I come in for visits) and help one another with this condition of mine. We constantly review my history and what is happening now to help with the treatment that he performs. I feel very comfortable in letting him know exactly how I feel and I am sure it helps him in determining the type of treatment I am in need of.

I truly feel the treatment I am getting from Dr. Bell is really helping me and can definitely see the improvement from when I first came to see him. I am still not well, but feel assured that it's going to get better.

I hereby give permission to Dr. Bryen Bell and the staff…to use my testimonial to promote the expansion of chiropractor. It is my understanding that my testimonial will be used to encourage others whose health problem or need may be similar to mine to choose chiropractor care.

- Betty M. De La Torre

I have been to several doctors over the years, orthopedists, physiatrists and physical therapy for my ailing back. Dr. Bell from day one made me feel confidant not only that he cared, but that he could help. My pain was dramatically improved in just one month and I could golf again after seeing Dr. Bell!. I now make regular visits to his office to maintain my results and am always greeted warmly (by his wife Dr. Corter and the staff) and always leave feeling like a new man; which is amazing since I am 54 years old. Thank you Dr. Bell for giving me my life back. I urge anyone suffering from back pain or a sports injury to see Dr. Bell first.


What can I say? I had horrible neck pain until I came to Bryen. In the course of several visits and adjustments, he got me "BAC" to normal very quickly. I have complete faith and trust in him and his fine work! I would not hesitate to recommend him to others, and in fact, I already have.

-Eric A

Dr. Bryen Bell has provided me with excellent service as a patient with chronic back issues.  During the past year when I have visited his Beverly Hills office for several appointments, he and his professional staff have always shown me genuine interest and quality medical treatment.  I feel confident in knowing his chiropractic knowledge and services help my body  feel better, and allow me to return to enjoying my life's normal routines and activities.

Fernando A., LA RugbyClub

Dr. Bryen A. Bell has provided me with a secure environment. I never liked chiropractors, but he has explained and told me about everything I need to know to feel comfortable. He has really helped improve my back and neck pains. And best of all, it only takes 10 minutes!

-Caroline M.

Helped heal my pain in my lower back and neck. Outstanding doctor.

-Daniyel A.

Dr. Bell is awesome!! I've been seeing him for over 2 years. My back feels great now. It used to be so weak and cranky, but not anymore. It's a dream. His bedside manner is second to none!

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