Insomnia Depression And Headache

Dr. Bell!

Thank you soooo much for helping me on Saturday. You are an angel! My headache was gone within the hour!

-Angie Everhart;  Actress and former fashion supermodel

Hi Dr. Bell! I finally got around to writing a testimonial. I already posted it on Yelp. Here it is: Dr. Bell is a hero. No joke. He's completely changed my life. For five years, I suffered recurring insomnia and depression. I tried everything I could think of including an antidepressant, but nothing provided a permanent solution. I only felt like my symptoms (i.e. neck pain, fatigue, and anxiety) were muted and masked. Well, to make a long story short, I finally gave chiropractic a shot. I came to Dr. Bell and discovered that my neck was badly out of alignment; the x-rays showed I had a bone out of place and the curve to my neck was virtually vanishing. At some point in my life I experienced a whiplash, probably in early childhood.

Whatever the case, the first adjustment I received was amazing! The stinging pain in my neck dissipated, and I felt happier overall. After a month of thrice weekly visits, I began to notice some major changes in my outlook and general health; I had more energy and was falling asleep easier. Dr. Bell also helped me change my diet and set personal goals. Now, five months later, I feel absolutely wonderful. I honestly haven't felt this good in years!

It never crossed my mind that physical problems in the neck and spine can cause illness and disease, let alone mood disorders, and yet it makes perfect sense! I now continue to go twice a month for prevention of flare-ups (chiropractic is like orthodontics, so to see lasting results it helps to keep going to maintain the position of the bones). I highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone. Simply put, I could not have gotten where I am without him. He gives free screenings, encourages questions, and his adjustments are always safe and comfortable. Even if you think you feel fine, you could still have an underlying problem which chiropractic can fix. So try it out and see if it's for you. You won't regret it!

-J. Smith

I'm a new person! I began treatments with Dr. Bell about 3 months ago. I had trouble sleeping, and my neck and back pain were killing me. Shortly after a few adjustments, I feel like a new person! His work helped me physically and mentally. I now sleep like a baby, and all of my pain is GONE.

He's an amazing doctor who dedicates a lot of support and care, not only does he take the time to explain everything to you, but his staff are all very sweet, friendly, and caring. Definitely they make you feel welcome; you want to come back!

What a great experience! Thank you Dr. Bell & Staff!

-Maria S.

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