I had a recurring rotation of my hip, which began in high school. I had this ongoing condition for about 10 years, which I believe was due to wear and tear from all types of sports and activities, plus a major car accident in 2002. I was to the point where I had numbing down my legs and sometimes my arms too. Not only have I not had any more numb legs in the last 3 years, but also don't feel chronic pain anymore. I only come in for regular adjustments, as often as I can.

I have been under chiropractic care for several years. In the recent two or three years I have been having foot problems, therefore I went to a podiatrist. He has helped me some, but what has even helped me more so has been Dr. Bell's adjustments on my feet. In actuality, his adjustments have noticeably cut down on the foot swelling. I also have been having some wrist problems and Dr. Bell's adjustments have relieved my pain. I continue coming because of these conditions, making my health a priority.

A weekly massage by the therapist also helps my circulation especially in my legs. I wish to thank all the chiropractors who have been so instrumental with maintaining my health, and most especially, Dr. Bell.


-Lucy Cheney

I was really excited to visit my sister, Lisa, and her family in California, and it was on my way to JFK airport from Danbury CT to catch my 8pm flight when my symptoms first occurred.

I had terrible pain and cramping in my upper right thigh muscle. I was in a compact car too, which made it harder to stretch my leg. No matter how I tried to loosen it up, nothing helped, so I did decide to take a pain killer. I recently had some shoulder surgery, so occasionally I did need to relieve a lot of pain, so I was lucky enough to have some Percocet with me.

One and a half hours later when I arrived at JFK, the pain killer still didn't have any effect. My ride just dropped me off, because we were in the middle of a big snow storm. I checked in, and found a place to relax, since I had a 2 ½ hour wait until take off.

My leg was getting worse, stiffer and making me really have a second thought about going. I ate some supper, and took another pain pill, now it was about 3 ½ hours since the 1st pill, that still didn't help.

To make a long story short, between take off delays, de-icing, and everything, it was ten hours on the plane until we landed in Ontario, CA. The last two hours on the plane, 2 to 3 flight attendants look over me, because I was in so much pain, I was actually throwing up, and had fever symptoms! The captain of the plane decided to make EMS personally meet me on the ground. They took me off the plane in a wheelchair. The EMS people really didn't do anything for me, I just wanted to get back to Lisa's house and relax.

The next day I went to see Dr. Bell. He was very concerned about me, even though he had never met me before, and took me in pretty much immediately. He explained everything as he went ahead, and started a heat treatment of some kind. Dr. Bell made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Then, Dr. Bell did E-stim, with the bio-freeze for a while, and then ultrasound with bio-freeze. All together, I was there about 2 hours. Dr. Bell gave me specific instructions on how to care for my leg. Unfortunately, it was the weekend and the office was going to be closed for a couple of days. Two days after that I was totally cured. The treatments really did work like a miracle for me, and I would like to again thank Dr. Bell for all he did for me.


-Dan Prall

My daughter and I met Dr. Bryen Bell and his charming wife through Ms. Winifred Adams, to whom I am thankful. I have problems like sinus, spondylosis, lower back pain with muscle spasms and leg cramps. But the most acute problem which I have been having for the last two years is of "Restless Legs," especially at night. I could not sleep for a long time and had to get out of bed to walk around.

When I met Dr. Bell, he told me that my spine is out of alignment, but what I did not expect was that after the first "fix" of my spine, my "restless legs" disappeared, and that night and every night after that I have had no problem. This was amazing as I was told that any problem would take time to get better, but in my case, it took just one sitting. Thank you Dr. Bell.

-Neelu W.

Dr. Bell is the man. I was experiencing intense nerve pain in my wrists and muscle cramping in the muscles around my shoulder blades because of a back injury I sustained while moving engine blocks. Within a month of seeing Dr. Bell, the pain was greatly reduced, and now after three months of care, I almost never experience those pains anymore. I even have more energy than before, and am sleeping better. Wow! I did not expect that, but it's a wonderful addition.

I also used to have really bad carpal tunnel in my right wrist, as well as numbness in the whole hand, neck, and shoulder pain from playing snare drum in the USC Marching Band two years ago. After seeing Dr. Bell for only a few weeks, the pain and numbness was greatly reduced. Over the next few months, the damage was totally in control, and my nerve function returned.

In conclusion, his treatments are very effective. Follow his advice strictly, and you will improve more than you had ever expected. Trust him - he's a knowledgeable, friendly doctor! His staff members are also really friendly and helpful. He is very punctual and works quickly. You almost never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be treated. I recommend Dr. Bell to anyone who is experiencing pain, or anyone who just wants to see a wise doctor to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

-Charles P.

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