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I cannot tell you how much my crew and in particular myself appreciated you giving your time to come and help us. Large fires such as the one we were on are so physically and emotionally draining. Not to mention our normal schedules are erratic. I had not had a chance to see a Chiro in months!!!! Just from the first adjustment I got from you, WOW, I slept amazing for the first time in who knows how long, and had renewed energy and range of motion the following days!!!!!!! Thank you so very much from myself and from the Tahquitz crew from the San Bernardino National Forest.

-Jeffrey F. Squad Boss, Tahquitz Crew 1

I can't thank you enough for your selfless effort to help all of us firefighters. May God grant us many souls as generous as yourselves. Since my childhood, I have been an asthmatic. During my first day climbing the mountains at Silver Lake I had an attack so terrible that it threatened my ability to do my job, and thus threatened the safety of my whole crew. Repeatedly, I attempted to medicate myself with my prescription inhalator, but it was to little avail.

After the shift, I returned to base came to find Doctors Bell and Corter offering free adjustments in the briefing tent in the evenings. I was impressed when I learned that they were offering their services pro bono, but was nonplussed when I found that they had been driving every evening from over 1 ½ hours away to get there.

The good doctors adjusted my back and informed me of the relationship between asthma and upper-back problems. For years, I have had a misplaced vertebra there, but I had never paid any attention to it. All through my long-distance running career in high school, I had learned to just bear the pain and to take one more puff of albuterol.

The following few days of the dispatch I returned regularly to camp after my shift and had my back adjusted. Following the treatment, I used my inhalator once a day or less, and often I was among the last to tire from exhaustion and shortness of breath among my crew members.

I cannot thank Doctors Corter and Bell enough for their time and care. May you too be blessed to experience their kindness and dedication.

- Michael Lahr. Wildland Firefighter, Davis CA

Thanks Dr. Bell!

-Dina Tabsh. SRA, US Air Force

I highly recommend BAC to Health…due to my fantastic results and their community involvement. They are always looking for new and different ways to support the community and their clients.

-Jennifer H.

BAC to Health is a fantastic group. Not only do they give awesome care, but they have been very supportive of the community. One example is the Beverly Hills Walking Club. I am from NC and I was invited to walk anytime I am in town. Anyone can join on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

-Betty H.

This office is very family-friendly and makes staying healthy easy. Many places make it hard for small children to be involved and thus make it hard for parents.

-Kirsten M.

-Dr. Bell and the staff/ doctors at BAC to Health do what few doctors and professionals have the direct ability to do: provide wellness options and opportunities to PREVENT symptoms of negative health from occurring. As this is the fundamental concept of his practice, he has demonstrated in a multitude of ways how one cam improve his or her quality of life to the point where extreme activities - skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, etc.- can be undertaken with minimal effect. His walking club in Beverly Hills aims to not only increase blood flow, decrease the incidence of obesity in the local population, and enhance the overall well-being of those involved, but also creates a sense of community. That, in a sprawled city such as Los Angeles, improves the quality of life of the neighborhood.

- Kenny G. USC Trojan Marching Band

Dr. Bell and his amazing staff illustrate caring and kindness in the Beverly Hills community and beyond. As a chiropractor, Dr. Bell gives great detail to the importance of health and maintenance, not just through chiropractic, but D.R.E.A.M.S. - diet, rest, exercise, alignment, mindset, and stress management. After being a victim of asthma for my whole life, the past four years of my quality of life has much improved due to Dr. Bell. Not familiar with chiropractic, Dr. Bell and his staff have opened my eyes to living healthy and well. The location is beautiful, as Dr. Bell has shared "we're one of the oldest medical buildings in Beverly Hills." His staff is beyond the typical office staff. Their energy is refreshing with a hint of truth and power. Also I love, love, love the Beverly Hills Walking Club. It's great for the community and I urge people to take advantage. I'll be a fan of BAC to Health / Dr. Bryen Bell FOREVER!!!

-Lynn L.

Dr. Bell has been a healer to me and my family for 10 years. He has donated time to people in need of his help for free. He loves and dedicates his practice to people, not greed. I don't know what I would do without him!

-Lisa M.

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