Chiropractic And Aging

A few years ago, I experienced a slight pain in my right hip and leg. I was referred to Dr. Claire O'Neill, a chiropractor in the Los Feliz area. After x-rays and diagnostic tests, it was determined that I had a tilted pelvis, which could be adjusted with treatment. The adjustments and care I received were wonderful. When I moved, Dr. O'Neill referred me to BAC to Health in the Wilshire area of Los Angeles. The clinic is run by a young married couple, Drs. Alithea Corter and Bryen Bell. I have received wonderful care and treatment from both. The atmosphere in the clinic is supportive, caring, and very positive. Both doctors are very concerned with and attentive to your treatment and adjustments. They seem very pleased that an 83-year old woman responds as well to the adjustments - I go about once a month and lead a fairly active, normal life. I can climb stairs fairly easily; I still drive and am active in my church and volunteer work. I am convinced that I could not keep up this pace were it not for the skills and dedication of Drs. Corter and Bryen. Thumbs up for Chiropractic care!

-Josephine B.

Dr. Bell and the staff are amazing. My husband and I were in a car accident in August of 2012. I suffered two bulging discs and four compressed disc in my neck, diplaced ribs, a bulging dics in my lower back and damage to my ligments in my right arm and shoulder. After trying the conventional medical programs for over a year, (and being very expensive to say the least) of physical therapy, injections and other procedures and medications I was not making any progress and was suffering from chronic pain, severe headaches and all round  was miserable! One of  my doctors recommended pain management with a chiropractor. I was very lucky to find True Potential.

Starting my sessions, with Dr.Bell, my headaches were gone and my pain level was so improved that moving around was manageable. He is amazing! Continual sessions through last year have made me healthier and happier! I actually am able to have somewhat of a normal life again. Also I am not  dependent on prescription medications since 2013. Thank you Dr. Bell. I do and would recommend your office to all my friends and neighbors!

-B Cox

Before coming to Dr Bell, I have spent 2 years going to doctors for my right hip pane cause from a car crash. They told me noting was wrong and do PT. After hours of endless PT still in pane. Then a friend told me about Dr Bell. On the first visit Dr Bell told me my right hip was out of place. Dr Bell did an Xray and confirmed his findings. After adjustments I can walk better. I would walk in lipping and walk out normal. After months a Orthodontist said I did need a hip replacement. Dr Bell not only knew but is helping me from needing surgery or taking pane killers. I am very great full to him.   Thank you.

 -J Cox

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