Accidents And Injuries

I have been seen by Dr. Bell for over 10 years. Reason being is that I have chronic back and neck pain due to multiple car accidents. I would not be able to work, play, or exercise without his help and care along with his guidance on wellness. Once having (2) children, I knew that I wanted them to get immediate care to avoid having future problems with their spines. Not only do I get wonderful care and treatment, they are likely family and greet me every time with such warm and welcoming embrace. I highly recommend him and the wellness team.

-Lisa M.

I highly recommend Dr. Bell and all his crew.  This is a happy place, as my 9 year old says, and it will surely heal you. Dr. Bell is currently helping me back to my well being after a car accident that injured my shoulder. After a few sessions I was able to go back to my ashtanga yoga practice. Plus Dr. Bell also works with children so he can take care of the whole family. I am very grateful for all his help.

-Fabiana M.

I just wanted to thank you once again. While visiting my sister in LA from Montreal, I injured my back so badly from riding a bike too big for me and afterwards, bending down the wrong way that I fainted twice from the pain. I was so scared being away from home. Dr. Bell was recommended to us.

Dr. Bell accurately diagnosed me and gently began the treatment that started to relieve the pain as I was leaving his office. I saw him 3 times while there and went back to Montreal feeling great. Ever grateful from Montreal, Canada.

-Heidi C.

Dr. Bell has not only helped me with a specific injury that I was suffering from, but he has also greatly improved my overall health through his chiropractic work. Dr. Bryen Bell is one of the best doctors I've ever had and is an incredible asset to the medical community.

Dr. Bell has done an excellent job making my neck and spine feel better after a very bad car accident. He is a great doctor!

-Leonard I.

Dr. Bell was referred to me after I had been in a car accident, and I have been thankful ever since. I have been coming to him for a couple of years now, and have had a great experience every visit. He is very kind, patient, and caring. He really wants people to be as healthy as they can, and makes sure you have all the help and resources and knowledge you can get. He's really the best doctor I have.

-Jorgie B.

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