Success Stories

That's me at age thirty [photo], the indestructible. A SoCal native, I've
been surfing and scuba diving since I was could walk.

About a year after that photo, I was involved in a surfing accident. I
landed back first on a shallow reef. After the injury healed, everything
seemed normal. But overtime, I started having chronic and constant back
pain. By 2001, I was walking with two canes and was unable to surf, dive or
do very much of anything. Moreover, my long view was that I would
ultimately end up in a wheel chair.

Then, by random chance, I met Dr. Bell at the Brentwood Farmers Market.
After about a month of thrice weekly adjustments, I started having pain-free
days and a full range of motion. Over the next six months, I no longer
needed a cane to walk, started having pain-free weeks and was able to return
to surfing and diving.

Now, thanks to Dr. Bell and his care, I look forward to being pain-free and
being able to do the sports I enjoy well into my old age.

Thanks for helping me get back to being me.

Jason D. Carter

I am finding that old age sort of creeps up on you rather than a full out assault. The day after my birthday each year I wake with a few more aches and pains and I find it is more difficult to recover from injury. To help me navigate my spinal health I visit Dr. Bryen Bell in Beverly Hills. I was referred to him by a friend when I was pregnant and could not bend over after my 5th month which made peeing every 5 minutes difficult. He got me toe-touching in two sessions. I have seen him monthly ever since. He works out my kinks and eases my trouble…that's what he does. 310-888-8762

Kerry Fitzmaurice,KPR Inc. Premier Public Relations

Mrs. Bell, wow nice to hear from you thanks and yes please tell Dr. Bell I have never forgotten him and what he did for me every pre-game that season in Los Angeles. I am still involved in Arena Football as a coach in the AF2. I live in the bay area with my wife and 3 kids. Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for everything. I wish your family all the best.
-Mathias Vavao

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