Assisted Stretching

Stretch science explained:

Assisted one-on-one stretching targets specific muscles and connective tissues. TPC Stretch combines PIR (post-isometric relaxation) with traction and oscilation to lengthen, realign and re-organize connective tissues called fasciaOur Stretchologists are experts in improving flexibility as early as the first session. Results may vary and are designed to improve your body's performance on the field, at the gym, or on the job. 

Who can we help? 

Athletes of any type (dancers, crossfitters, weightlifters, gymnasts, martial artists, runners, etc.). Assisted PIR stretching is also perfect for weekend warriors, moms on the go, active kids, inflexible dads and even non-athletes or "desk jockeys."


Assisted stretching can reduce pain, increase circulation and strength, alleviate tight muscles and enhance recovery time and posture. TPC's assisted PIR stretching is more effective than self-stretching! 

I want to try it! 

Let loose and unleash your True Potential. Spaces are limited, call TPC at (503) 574-4872 and ask for a complimentary 15-minute stretch session (introductory offer, valid for first session only).  


Recent research from the Journal of Physical Activity and Health shows that stretching is superior to brisk walking for reducing blood pressure. 

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