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Few physical discomforts cause more frustration that those "phantom" symptoms that seem to have no logical explanation. If you've been suffering from strange leg or foot pain, you may be experiencing sciatica pain. Fortunately, sciatic nerve pain and other uncomfortable symptoms can usually be resolved without surgery. Here at True Potential Chiropractic in Beaverton OR, we can treat your symptoms purely through non-invasive measures by correcting their root cause.

sciatica painSciatic Nerve Impingement: Causes and Symptoms

The term "sciatica" is used to describe the set of related symptoms that occur when the sciatic nerve is pinched. The sciatic nerve, a massive nerve that runs through the buttock and down the leg, routes all nerve signals sent through the smaller branching nerves to the leg and foot. Compression of this nerve tissue can therefore cause any part of the affected extremity to receive garbled or incomplete signals. You may experience the results as low back pain, pain in the leg or foot, and odd symptoms such as numbness or "pins and needles." You may also have trouble controlling the extremity's muscles, causing impaired leg strength and balance.

In some cases, the sciatic nerve becomes compressed when the tissues surrounding it become inflamed and swollen. The is the case in an inflammatory problem called piriformis syndrome, since the sciatic nerve runs through a small opening in the piriformis muscle. More frequently, however, the compression occurs, not along the nerve itself, but at one of the several nerve roots that attach it to the base of the spinal cord. Possible reasons for this compression include:

  • An acute injury that herniates a lumbar disc or knocks the spine out of alignment
  • Age-related spinal problems such as bulging discs and bone spurs
  • A narrowing of the free space inside the spinal canal (stenosis)
  • Chronic musculoskeletal alignment or postural problems, often made worse by pregnancy or obesity

Natural Relief for Your Sciatic Nerve Pain and Dysfunction

True Potential Chiropractic has the answers to your sciatica issues. Your Chiropractor can study your spinal structure, alignment, and balance to see exactly where the impingement is occurring. If your spinal components are out of adjustment, chiropractic care is designed to create better alignment to take the pressure off of sciatic nerve roots. We may also recommend massage therapy (especially for piriformis syndrome), weight loss, and/or exercises to help you optimize your posture.

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