Welcome to TPC Regenerative Health, your premier destination for transformative and holistic healthcare in Beaverton, Oregon! At TPC, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and guiding you towards optimal well-being.

At TPC, we stand at the forefront of regenerative health care. Our mission is to offer healthcare for all, embracing diversity and guiding individuals away from unnecessary medications and surgeries. We want you to consistently look, feel, and perform at your best. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with our unparalleled Regenerative Cellular Therapy, personalized vitamin therapy, and precise diagnostics through ultrasound and x-ray imaging. Our collaborative approach between regenerative medicine and chiropractic teams ensures a well-rounded perspective on your health. We believe in holistic well-being, inclusivity, transformative care, innovation, prevention over intervention, community impact, a family-based approach, and an evidence-based approach.

Please note that we operate on an out-of-network basis with all insurances, and Medicare is not accepted.
We invite you to join us on a holistic journey where regenerative medicine and a commitment to your well-being optimize your body’s innate ability to heal and flourish. Welcome to TPC Regenerative Health, where your health and transformation are our top priorities!

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