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Brian | TPC Lead Stretchologist

Brian, one of our LMT’s is excited to bring a new modality/recovery service to TPC; this new addition to our therapeutic offerings is our new Assisted Stretch Program. The reason we are so excited is because of the profound impact we have seen it create in just a short amount of time with our current clientele. Brian personally has his own success story using the assisted stretching modality we now have at TPC; after years of playing rugby, football and running track, Brian developed some injuries that would come and go through out the years but would never dissipate completely. He tried massage, corrective exercise, acupuncture, and everything in between; and while they all helped keep the injuries at bay they never really fully healed. Fast-forward a few years and Brian's low back pain was at an all time high with no relief in sight; so in desperation he called a buddy who referred him to a “stretch therapist”. In 8 sessions in combination with chiropractic work, an at home program and his own corrective exercise program, his back had never felt better; and more importantly had never felt that good for such along period of time. That was over 7 years ago and since then he has had little to no pain recurrence and his body feels 10 years younger which has improved his overall quality of life tenfold. So what are you waiting for, schedule your tune up at our Body Shop today so you too can feel the improvements in your overall quality of life as well!

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