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Ashley | TPC Director of Patient Relations

Ashley is from San Jose, California but has lived in Oregon since the age of 2. She attended Oregon State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a focus on Health Promotion and Behavior. Ashley is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Health Promotion and Health Behavior.

The majority of Ashley’s professional career has involved promoting active and healthy lifestyles among children. She is excited to join our team and continue promoting healthy lifestyles in our community.

In her free time, Ashley loves to spend time with her dog, Stormie. Ashley likes to travel and explore new places. She also enjoys reading and playing the piano.  



Amanda | TPC Administrative Support Assistant 

Amanda has been living in Portland since 2015. She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s in English with a particular interest in Gender and Sexuality. She is passionate about social justice and making the community around her a safe space for those of vulnerable populations. 

She holds a philosophy of compassion and understanding, and loves to learn constantly about almost anything.
Dogs are her favorite animal. She has a background in theatre, enjoys bad jokes, and has been involved with improvisation and performance for over 10 years. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, singing, and listening to podcasts. 




Taylor | TPC Administrative Support Assistant 

Taylor was born and raised in Tigard, Oregon. She graduated from Southridge High School and 
later attended Oregon State University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Human 
Development and Family Studies.

Taylor has spent most of her professional career in child care, which is one of her biggest 
passions. She enjoys getting to see the children grow and develop everyday and loves getting to 
help the children live healthy and adventurous lives. One of Taylor’s other passions is health 
and fitness and she strives to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She is excited to be a part of 
this team so that she can spread her love for health and well-being to her community.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys spending time with her family and friends, working out, and 
soaking up as much of the Oregon sunshine that she can get.


Demetria | TPC Community Outreach Specialist  

Demetria was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon. She attended Portland State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing with a focus on Athletics and Outdoor. She has competed in track at the collegiate level and has been very passionate about having an active lifestyle and doing what you love to do. She is also very passionate about helping people achieve their goals of having a healthy and active lifestyle.

Demetria is very passionate about marketing and understanding peoples needs and wants. She loves having the opportunity to help people find that healthy lifestyle they are looking for through marketing.

In her free time, Demetria likes to travel and hanging out with friends and family. She also enjoys playing basketball, doing anything that involves water, and reading.


Albert | TPC Community Outreach Specialist 

Albert joined the TPC team in April of 2017. Albert was born and raised in Southern California, and lived there with his family until 2011. They then decided to relocate to Portland, Oregon where Albert and his family have lived ever since. He attended and graduated from Oregon’s very own, Lincoln High School in 2013. Albert enjoys spending his time doing a large number of things, some of which being adventuring with his friends, eating good food, being healthy, playing rugby and enjoying quality time with loved ones.

Albert is a very passionate and intense individual. If it's an activity or an individual, HE’S PASSIONATE ABOUT IT.

As far as his dreams and aspirations, Albert is currently pursuing a study in the Chiropractic field, which he hopes will someday result in his being able to care and improve the lives of people in the same manner as Dr. Bell. He is excited about learning and studying as much as he can about the Chiropractic profession, and looks forward to helping individuals, through adjustments, improved their lives and help them in their pursuit to find their own true potential. 


Cinnamin | TPC FLEXfit Instructor

I love my clients. While I’m not at the office or out with clients, you can find me teaching barre (a fusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength), Zumba, or TPC's FlexFit program. I love snowboarding with my 21 year old son & playing tennis. Paddle-boarding is one thing I’d love to do more often. I currently reside in West Slope with my two bunnies (Murphy & Jackson) who are pretty cute and hilarious. I’m a very much a self starter and people person who’s also a bit sarcastic and silly. I am a huge fan of MLS soccer (season ticket holder), NBA, and football (NFL but college is my favorite). I am the oldest of three and have two younger brothers.

I also sell houses. While I specialize in working with first time buyers, short sales, investment properties, and relocations, I work with a diverse group of buyers and sellers.

Focusing on the individual needs and priorities of my clients allows me to tailor a real estate strategy with the highest possible outcome of success.

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