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Lola | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

Lola is a kind, lovable and driven young woman born and raised in our wonderful state of Oregon. She loved growing up in both the city and the country, getting the best of both worlds.  As a toddler in 1998, she was adopted by her foster mother who raised her and taught her to heal her aches and pains in her free time. In turn they built a much closer bond. Over the years she built up the strength to massage and a liking to it as she learned the importance of it. Lola came to find that massage therapy would be a fitting career for her. Right after high school in 2014 she attended University of Western States in Portland, Oregon to obtain her Massage Therapy License and graduated in 2016. Lola began her journey in the healthcare field as a Chiropractic Assistant, soon after she practiced as a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist. Her basic massage modalities consist of deep tissue, myofascial release, pin and stretch, post isometric relaxation (PIR), craniosacral, prenatal, sports massage, trigger point as well as relaxation massage. 

Lola has the utmost respect for anyone who seeks proper care for their bodies because she is aware of how important it is for us all, knowing how she has healed in so many ways. Being a miracle child at birth, Lola chooses to live the most out of life that she was almost deprived of. Thanks to her mother’s influence, empathetic nature, inner nurturer, physical and mental strength, she has made quite a fulfilling life for herself! 

Lola’s hobbies include hiking, realism drawing, areal yoga, dancing, modeling, reading, decorating, watching movies, shopping, time with friends, video games, paranormal, etc.… life.

“I feel massage is important because it brings a more intimate form of healing both physically and mentally. It brings more in depth understanding about the human body that everyone should know about. We are with our bodies every day of our lives. Born to move and thrive! The least we could do us make sure we can enjoy it by bringing our bodies to its true potential!” 

“I love what I do...and I’m privileged to be a part of people’s evolutionary journey to reach their body goals!”


Bailee | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

Bailee was born and raised in Newberg, Oregon, and truly enjoys living in the great Northwest. She completed the 800 hour program at East West College of the Healing Arts, graduating on the honor roll. She is an avid Massage Therapist, actively working on progressing her career, and always working to help people. Her passion for massage stems from her childhood, working on family members to help relieve aches and pains. She has always had a desire and intuition for therapeutic touch.

Then later on in life, after getting into a serious motor vehicle accident, she received Chiropractic care and Massage to help recover both physically, and emotionally – creating a whole new level of love and gratitude for the field. Her goal is to help her clients become more aware of their own structures, and educate them on self-care, and continued treatment strategies. She works to provide lasting benefits to her clients, not the average fluff and buff. Her favorite modalities include Myofascial Release, Structural Bodywork, Thai, and Deep Tissue. She "listens" to the tissues, and brings a unique spin of Eastern and Western modalities into every massage, seeing the body as a whole, addressing areas of concern, and working with each client’s individual needs and goals.

Outside of the massage world, Bailee is an avid bowler, bowling since the age of five! She bowls on a league team every week with her dad and grandpa. She loves traveling and exploring the Northwest with her family and her dogs. Bailee has a strong relationship with her family, which she values greatly. Before becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, she was a chef and continues to cook and bake! She also loves playing board games and goofing off with her friends. 

“Massage is so much more than just working the muscles. I integrate modalities, and listen to your body. Give me the opportunity to help you heal yourself. Your Body and Soul contain all the wisdom necessary, I just facilitate the action”- Bailee 


Brian | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

Brian is a Chicago native who just moved out to the PNW in early 2018 to pursue a more balanced lifestyle as well as to escape the 9 months of winter in Chicago. Previous to becoming a massage therapist Brian worked as a Corrective Exercise Specialist/Strength and Conditioning Coach treating/working with people from all walks of life with vastly different goals. After feeling “stuck” with a few clients progress and having to refer to someone else anytime a client had a lingering issue; he thought it was time to make his personal practice/toolbox bigger by deciding to pursue his massage therapy license. 

After some diligent research Brian found The New School for Massage in Chicago, Il and immediately made the leap. Fast forward a few years and many hours of continuing education later, Brian has been able to successfully integrate some pieces of his training background into further helping massage patients by incorporating movement and mobility as part of their therapy sessions/homework. Being well versed in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Cupping Therapy, Fascial Stretching, and KinesioTape; he feels very confident helping just about every individual who walks through the doors at True Potential.
Anything else you want to know feel free to ask! 


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