Meet the Massage Therapists


Martin | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist 

 Martin channels his natural aptitude for caring touch through massage therapies that enrich both the giver and receiver. He combines his socio-emotional sensitivity with an analytical problem-solving approach to his bodywork delivering results through relaxation to achieve muscular and structural correction. Trained at the rigorous Texas Center for Massage Therapy, Martin’s outcome-focused work includes trigger point therapy, structural integration, sports massage, hydrotherapy, and Swedish massage as well as modalities requiring a more intuitive sense such as acupressure, craniosacral therapy, and Shiatsu.  When Martin is not at the table, you can find him pursuing a wide variety of creative endeavors, including horticulture and botany, woodworking with hand tools, contact juggling, and improving his comfort level in dancing.  "My approach to bodywork is based on a medical and scientific understanding of the physical body. My strong suits are both deep tissue manual manipulation modalities, as well as educating patients/clients on the importance of four preventive maintenance components: hydration, breath control, range of motion, and body mechanics in that order."

BrandieBrandie | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

Brandie has been pursuing a career in the healing arts since high school. With a background in nursing, Brandie’s interest in alternative approaches to pain management and disease prevention was fueled by her own experience as a survivor of breast cancer. During her cancer treatment, Brandie found acupuncture, Reiki, and massage therapy to be more effective with managing her chemotherapy side effects than pain medication. Since then, Brandie has lead others down a path to wellness as a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga, and Pilates instructor. Additionally, she has a mastery of Reiki therapy, holds a license in massage therapy from East West Collage, and is a certified Doula.

At TPC, Brandie works with patients through massage therapy, focusing on deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, Swedish massage, and dynamic cupping modalities. She is also available for assisted stretching as a TPC Stretchologist, utilizing PNF stretching to help patients gain more flexibility and joint mobilization.

When Brandie is not at TPC, she a practicing doula, personal trainer, yoga teacher, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, and nutritional therapist. She even has time to throw on her running shoes, hike with her husband and children, knit, read, and make music. If you can’t find her pursuing these activities, you’ll catch her in her medicinal herb garden growing a personal apothecary.

“I love massage. To me, massage isn’t a service; it’s an experience. I try to help all of my clients feel empowered by deciding their path of healing and helping them take that path.  I help them to maintain control of their care and work to teach them that as a healer, my job is to encourage and support them on their journey, but that I am not healing them; I am simply helping them to heal themselves.”


Lola | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

Lola is a kind, lovable and driven young woman born and raised in our wonderful state of Oregon. She loved growing up in both the city and the country, getting the best of both worlds. As a toddler in 1998, she was adopted by her foster mother who raised her and taught her to heal her aches and pains in her free time. In turn they built a much closer bond. Over the years she built up the strength to massage and a liking to it as she learned the importance of it. Lola came to find that massage therapy would be a fitting career for her. Right after high school in 2014 she attended University of Western States in Portland, Oregon to obtain her Massage Therapy License and graduated in 2016. Lola began her journey in the healthcare field as a Chiropractic Assistant, soon after she practiced as a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist. Her basic massage modalities consist of deep tissue, myofascial release, pin and stretch, post isometric relaxation (PIR), craniosacral, prenatal, sports massage, trigger point as well as relaxation massage. 

Lola has the utmost respect for anyone who seeks proper care for their bodies because she is aware of how important it is for us all, knowing how she has healed in so many ways. Being a miracle child at birth, Lola chooses to live the most out of life that she was almost deprived of. Thanks to her mother’s influence, empathetic nature, inner nurturer, physical and mental strength, she has made quite a fulfilling life for herself! 

Lola’s hobbies include hiking, realism drawing, areal yoga, dancing, modeling, reading, decorating, watching movies, shopping, time with friends, video games, paranormal, etc.… life.

“I feel massage is important because it brings a more intimate form of healing both physically and mentally. It brings more in depth understanding about the human body that everyone should know about. We are with our bodies every day of our lives. Born to move and thrive! The least we could do us make sure we can enjoy it by bringing our bodies to its true potential!” 

“I love what I do...and I’m privileged to be a part of people’s evolutionary journey to reach their body goals!”


 Maggie | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist 

Maggie spent her childhood in sunny Arizona before moving to Oregon to start High School. Maggie’s path to natural healing began after complications with the birth of her first child. This led to her pursuing her massage license from East West College for Massage where she also received training in assisted stretch techniques. Maggie specializes in Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and relaxation massage. She is also working on her certification for cupping. 

When Maggie is not helping others on their path to healing, she is spending time quality time with her husband and two daughters. Her hobbies include reading, painting, drawing, practicing yoga, and playing with her dog. 

“I love helping others reach their goals for natural healing and achieve my happiness by helping others achieve their true potential. I’m excited to be part of the TPC team.”


Scott | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

Scott was born and raised on Vashon Island, Washington where he lived until graduating high school and moving to Pullman to attend Washington State University. Earning a Bachelor's in Kinesiology, Scott furthered his knowledge of the body by working as a personal trainer, and moving to Portland to attend East West College for massage therapy.

Scott has been practicing bodywork for over two years, and enjoys working with clients to prevent and rehabilitate injuries, as well as being a conduit for the relaxing vibe that you know and love about a great massage. In addition to practicing alongside the TPC team, Scott has a thriving personal practice in NW Portland.

In his free time, Scott enjoys spending time in Forest park, exercising, dancing, and trying new and funky alternative health practices.

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