Massage Therapy Enhancements

Ask your therapist about including one of these additions to enhance your massage experience. 


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell and skin absorption using products such as diffusers, aromatic spritzers and body oils, creams, or lotions. Discuss an aromatherapy experience with your therapist to suit your health goals, options include: soothing, energizing, immunity support, hormone regulation, and anti-viral or anti-bacterial.

Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco for 24 hours following treatment. To gain maximum benefit from the oils, avoid washing the skin for up to 4 hours. Do not sunbathe or use sunbeds for 24 hours as some skin irritation may occur. In the unlikely event of skin irritation, wash with warm water immediately.  


Cupping is an ancient technique using suction to stretch the body's fascia, allowing fresh blood to circulate deeply through muscles in a gentle and effective way. Cupping improves blood flow through the treatment and improving overall function, performance and recovery of the muscles, fascia, joints and lymphatic system. Cupping pressure is easily adjusted to suit sensitivity.

Stay hydrated and avoid extreme exercise, extreme weather, saunas, and drugs or alcohol for 24-36 hours following treatment. Cupping marks are dependent on each individual and may last 3 days to 1 week or longer. Some may experience darker, longer-lasting marks than average; this is normal and does not affect the benefits of the therapy. 

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio-taping (K-tape for short) is a means of gently and continually opening the fascia for a few days. K-tape is a waterproof adhesive bandage that maintains tension on the skin's surface to manipulate the fascia. We utilize k-tape to extend the efficacy of a cupping treatment or as an add-on service after a therapeutic massage session. K-tape is gentle and benefits the recipient over time.  

Remove tape before recommended wearing time if you notice any of the following: unusual pain or discomfort, skin irritation, severe itching, increased swelling, or numbness/tingling of fingers/toes. K-tape is water-resistant. You may shower, bathe and swim with it on the skin. If the tape starts to peel or roll back, carefully trim off the loose tape with scissors. To remove: gently roll or peel the tape off of the skin in the direction of hair growth. For easier removal, place a thin layer of oil on tape and soak for 15 minutes. Apply lotion to hydrate the skin after removal. 

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