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Monthly Chair Massage in Beaverton

Have you considered the benefits of regular chair massage? Millions of people get massages each year, and chair massages are portable and effective. 

True Potential Chiropractic, Beaverton can provide chair massage and more:

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What Happens during a Chair Massage?

A chair massage allows you to sit in a special chair that cradles your body so you can rest comfortably. Chairs, much like massage tables, can be adjusted for your height and other needs. Sitting in this position allows for optimal relaxation and body alignment.

A chair massage can take place nearly anywhere, including shopping malls, day spas, conference centers, salons, colleges, and offices. By having a chair massage, you will reap many of the benefits of traditional massage without the need to come in for a formal massage on a table.

Chair Massage Relieves Stress

If you have been under a lot of stress lately, you may benefit from having a massage to relieve some of that tension. Tension carried in the neck and shoulders can cause chronic back pain that impacts your ability to work and participate in your favorite activities.

Chair Massage Relieves Chronic Pain

The large muscle groups in the back can suffer from a significant amount of pain, but a lot of the muscles in the back also impact your limbs and other body parts. Chair massage helps relieve muscle tension and knotting, preventing joint discomfort and headaches.

Chair Massage Improves Circulation

The manipulation of tissues in your back promotes increased circulation. Your blood circulating more efficiently throughout the body promotes healing. If you have an injury, our Chiropractic Physicians can also provide professional care that focuses on specific areas to improve healing to the muscles and tissues in that region.

Chair Massage Increases Flexibility

If you are experiencing reduced range of motion in your body, you may benefit from a chair massage. Whether the tension you carry decreases your flexibility or you have an injury, massage can help you move more freely. When your body is more flexible, you are also less likely to become injured.

Check Out Your Chair Massage Options

True Potential Chiropractic in Beaverton offers chair massage and much more. If you have an office or workplace where people would benefit from chair massage, you might consider monthly sessions for the office. This can create a happier and healthier workplace.

For more detailed information about how we can boost morale and productivity via TPC signature chair massage services, call: 

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