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In a busy city, car crashes are very common.  Here at True Potential Beaverton, we can help you recover from your injuries once and for all.

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You may not have known....

  • Whiplash: Hyperflexion/hyperextension injuries can last a lifetime if not diagnosed and corrected early on.  How well your body performs when you wake up every morning is determined by how well your Doctor examines and treats your injury.  A complete exam MUST include specialized x-rays to insure long-term recovery.
  • Concussion:  Many specialist believe that concussions only occur in the head.  That's partly true. Concussions will also occur in the neck since the neck is almost always involved in a hyperflexion/hyperextension injury.  While correcting the underlined problem, we perform regular concussion re-assessments to document improvement and utilize a professional survey cited and peer-reviewed in over 40 papers.
  • Specialized radiology studies:  Assessing whiplash and how it damages the spine is not easy.  There are hidden injuries that occur which the examiner may miss if the exam is not complete.  We don't guess! We utilize on-site digital x-ray technology and follow AMA guidelines in assessing ligament damage associated with whiplash.  In addition, our studies are promptly studied and reviewed by our Chiropractic Physician as well as a Board Certified radiologist (DACBR).  Results are then discussed in a personalize report of findings.
  • Muscles and scar tissue: Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) play an important role in healing.  All of our LMT's are well trained and specialize in soft tissue injury rehabilitation.  Oregon law allows reasonable and necessary treatment by an LMT when prescribed by a Chiropractic Physician.  We are also happy to write a Rx for the the LMT of your choice!
  • Paperwork: We handle all of the forms your insurance requires including the billing so you don't have to!

If you are struggling with a recent or old injury from a crash or sports injury, our professionals at True Potential Chiropractic can help.  Dr. Bell has 20 years of experience with excellent results in injury rehabilitation.  Our success starts with following the simple laws of alignment that Chiropractic is well known for.  

Call us today at (503) 574-4872 for an appointment with one of our Beaverton Chiropractors or Massage Therapists!

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