Body Signals Workshop

Our Monthly Body Signals Workshops are our way of shifting the conversation 


We will discuss how to avoid the common healthcare pitfalls and how to listen to your body signals.  Join us on the 4th Monday of every month for a free workshop and light meal!  Don't come alone, invite your friends and family.  We will be feeding you and your guests so please RSVP so we can save your seats with enough food to feed everyone.   This event is complimentary!  RSVP by calling (503) 574-4872.


August BSP

This Month:  Do you struggle with neck pain? You don't have to. Neck pain and stiffness, tight muscles, reduced range of motion, sharp, shooting pain; These symptoms are your body's way of talking to you - it's telling you that there is a much deeper problem! Are you listening? It's time to stop ignoring the problems and/or masking the symptoms. Join us as we unpack what causes neck pain and what you can do to correct it.    

Click here to join us for our virtual workshop on Monday, August 24th at 12:30pm!


Future Workshop Topics

  • September:  End Headaches Now
  • October:  Sleep Better Tonight!
  • November:  Go With Your Gut: How to Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease

  • December:  Stressed Out? The Holiday Red Zone  

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