Body Signals

TPC's Body Signals Talks are our way of shifting the conversation 

 Buckle-up for this power-packed webinar where we will discuss how to avoid the common healthcare pitfalls and how to listen to your body signals.  Join us on the 4th Monday of every month for a complimentary workshop in the comfort and safety of your own home or office!   


weight loss

Never be hungry, stop craving sugar, and end the depressing and dangerous yo-yo weight loss and weight gain cycles. No diet, no drugs, and no surgery. What if we told you that you could do it in 15 weeks? And that you could not fail? Are you going to do it this time? Are you ready? We know you are. Don't make this your best-kept secret, invite your friends and family by sharing the link below:         

                                                                                                                                                                          Click here to join us  on Monday, May 24th, 2021 at 12:30pm

Missed last month's Telemedicine Health Talk? Watch it here! 

Body Signals Topics:

  • January: How to Recover After the Holidays
  • February: Boost Your Immune System in 21 Days
  • March: It's All About Healthy Kids
  • April: Bullet Proof Your Low Back
  • May: Get 15 Pounds Healthier in 15 Weeks
  • June: "Recover": End Nagging Sports Injuries
  • July: Don't Burn Out: The Truth About Inflammation
  • August: Stop Neck Pain
  • September: End Headaches Now
  • October: Sleep Better Tonight!
  • November: Go With Your Gut
  • December: Stressed Out? The Holiday Red Zone 

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