Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic starts with a personal journey to wellness

Frequently, a patient is introduced to chiropractic medicine due to an illness or injury. Considered an “alternative” approach, many won’t seek chiropractic care until they’ve exhausted other options. But, once they’ve discovered the value of chiropractic care and healthy spinal alignment for their overall quality of life, most become vocal advocates for the practice.

Some chiropractic patients experience such overwhelmingly positive outcomes that they are inspired to pursue a career in the field to help others as much as they have been helped. This is the case for both of our docs at True Potential Chiropractic. Dr. Bryen Bell and Dr. Neil Mennell know first-hand how chiropractic care can change one’s life – for the better.

Dr. Bell’s journey to a doctorate in chiropractic started after he endured a devastating injury at age 20 while playing collegiate rugby. He broke his neck. Told by the medical establishment that he would have to learn to live with the resulting “incurable neurological condition,” he tried to ignore the persistent symptoms and continue with his life.

Bell’s health continued to decline despite his commitment to a healthy lifestyle. After living for years with pain, numbness, dizziness, nausea, and a depleted immune system, Bell was fed up. His father recommended a chiropractor. “I didn’t even know what a chiropractor was at the time, but the experience changed my life,” Bell recalls. Not only did he begin to see improvement in his condition, but he also discovered his true calling.

“From that point on, I wanted to help other people out of the fog of living with “incurable” pain and sickness, like I had been helped,” says Bell.

TPC chiropractor, Dr. Neil Mennell, had a similar experience. As a child, Mennell suffered from chronic headaches and migraines. At age 19, the symptoms grew so severe he underwent neurosurgery.

The surgery left him with no sensation in the back of his head and a substantial loss of movement in his neck. Worse, he continued to suffer from headaches. After two years of physical therapy, only limited movement was restored. His headaches and numbness continued.

At the recommendation of a friend, Mennell went to see a chiropractor. He was astonished at the results he experienced with chiropractic care. “I began having fewer headaches and could move my neck more than I had ever been able to since the surgery,” Mennell explains. “It was during that care that I was inspired to change my life path to help others through the power of chiropractic.”

In their years as chiropractic practitioners, Dr. Bell and Dr. Mennell have helped countless people of all ages find relief through chiropractic care – avoiding the years of struggle, pain, and discomfort that lead them, respectively, down their journey to become doctors.

Dr. Bell and Dr. Mennell advocate a functional-medicine approach through their practice at True Potential. It prioritizes health performance and wellness through maintenance and prevention rather than as simply a response to a pain crisis.

Call TPC today to get started on your journey to wellness with Dr. Mennell and Dr. Bell! (503) 574-4872

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