End digestive issues for good

The effects of digestion problems range beyond the stomach to the body, organs, and brain

Our modern diet and lifestyle are linked to a variety of digestive issues. Your digestive system’s health is closely tied to the food you eat, the exercise you get, and your overall stress levels.

Your digestive system interacts with your nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system to regulate its function. Follow these tips to get control over your health by healing your digestion system.

Controlling cravings

Digestion starts in your brain. Your hypothalamus coordinates your appetite and how much food you eat. For example, suppose you are tired or are stressed out. In that case, the chemicals in your brain may influence you to eat more than usual in an attempt to find balance – firing up your cravings.

Understanding your cravings are caused by various physiological factors, and not just willpower is the first step to controlling them. You can take control of your cravings by making smart decisions about your lifestyle. Beginning a new exercise routine to finding ways to reduce daily stress in your life will positively affect your digestive system – and your cravings. 

Boost your bacteria (the right kind!)

There are hundreds of different types of bacteria in your gut that line your entire digestive system and continuously interact with your nervous, immune, and endocrine systems. These small bacteria can impact everything from your mood to the strength of your immune system. They also are responsible for how efficiently your body can process the foods you eat.  

You have a unique combination of bacteria in your gut. It is specific to you, just like your fingerprint. A gut with too much or too little bacteria can cause various health problems, including constipation, irritable bowel, or metabolic syndrome.

Recent research indicates the types and amounts of bacteria in your gut are linked to your likelihood of developing diabetes, obesity, depression, and even cancer. Body signals such as constipation, irritable bowel, or even mood swings can be signs of an imbalanced gut.

A healthy diet and active lifestyle can dramatically improve the overall health of your gut.

Address the cause of food sensitivities

One of the primary signs of a leaky gut is experiencing multiple food sensitivities.Leaky gut is when partially digested protein and fat seep out of your digestive system and cause inflammation in your body. The inflammation, or allergic response, can also lead to bloating, thyroid issues, fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, and a host of other unpleasant symptoms.If left untreated, leaky gut can develop into inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and even chronic fatigue syndrome.Lectin, gluten, and sugar can affect the bacteria in your gut, increase inflammation in your intestines, and even lead to micro-tears that cause leaky gut.Removing the foods that cause leaky gut and rebalancing your gut bacteria can make a massive impact on your overall health.

Healthy gut, healthy brain

If you’ve ever been stressed to the point of your stomach hurting, you’ve experienced the gut/brain connection firsthand. Your digestive system is intimately connected with your brain and central nervous system. They are in constant communication, sending messages back and forth.

Some of the most common gut and digestive system issues related to stress are heartburn, abdominal cramping, and bloating.

Gut and digestive issues can place a tremendous amount of stress on your daily life. By reducing your stress with a combination of exercise, diet, and chiropractic care, you give your gut the best opportunity to stay balanced and happy.

Our digestive health isn’t just about what we put into our mouths – it’s a critical factor in our overall health and well-being.

If you want to learn more about leaky gut, the brain-body connection, how to boost healthy digestive bacteria, eliminate cravings, and heal your body from the inside-out, I invite you to join us for our upcoming FREE workshop: 

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