Three simple tips to keep your immune system in top shape

Three Simple Tips to Keep Your Immune System in Top Shape

Thank goodness for the immune system! Did you know, you encounter bacteria that could make you sick every day? Your immune system is fighting to keep you healthy 24/7, and when it’s not at 100 percent, you’ll get a signal – like a runny nose – that sickness may be on the way. No one wants to be sick, and recent research indicates that some simple changes may help strengthen your immune system to keep colds and flu at bay.

A robust immune system will help you stay healthy, stay active, and keep you enjoying the things you love to do with the people you love. Here are a few tips to get started on being your best this winter season:

Eat healthy

Food fuels your body, and when you’re sick, it’s important to give your digestive system a break by eating easily digestible, nutrient-dense foods. Start with soup, as bone broth contains minerals that can help boost your immune system. Consider adding yogurt or other fermented foods with probiotics that can help improve your sleep, digestion, and overall immunity. Stick to lean meats, especially those with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce any nagging inflammation.

Exercise daily

Exercising and taking steps to maintain an active lifestyle in general can help to naturally increase your immunity in a variety of ways. A recent health survey found that an incredible 60 percent of participants reported fewer colds since they began their exercise routine. Exercise gets our blood pumping more rapidly, which helps white blood cells circulate more quickly to better fend off illness. Increased activity levels can also slow down the release of stress hormones and stimulate the release of endorphins. A higher body temperatures driven by exercise can help prevent bacteria from growing and aid the immune system in fighting infection.

Get an adjustment

Relaxation of neck tension after a chiropractic adjustment is common, which leads many to feel less stressed overall. That matters because when your stress response is lowered, your immune system can better fight off sickness. Inflammation, the normal response of a compromised immune system, can increase sympathetic nerve activity. Your sympathetic nervous system is responsible for your stress (fight or flight) response. When your sympathetic nervous system is activated, it inhibits your immune system, meaning you aren’t able to rest and recover very well. Chiropractic adjustments can do more than just ease pain – they can positively impact your immune system and help it function at a higher level.

Most people who rarely get sick take proactive steps to keep their immune system in top shape so it can fight off almost anything that it comes in contact with. A better diet, more exercise and less pain means you experience less stress and better overall function of your body – and immune system. So many of our patients tell us that since the start of their care, they get sick less often.

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