A Note From Dr. Bell

It’s so easy to lose focus. There is so much competing for our attention. We just get busier and busier and it just doesn’t seem like it will ever stop. We always feel like there will be more time tomorrow or next week. Or once I finally finish “this” then I’ll have more time for my health, my family, my goals, my … (fill in the blank). The truth is we find new ways to distract us from doing the things that we truly want to do.

Think about it, how long have each of us been wanting to have more time for our health, our family, our goals, our …fill in the blank? Since we graduated? Since we got married? Since our children were born? If that’s the case, then let me ask another question, how old are the children now?

There are so many distractions, so many things pulling us away, so many “shiny objects” to focus on, that we don’t have the time to get it all done. No one likes to admit it, but since we can’t get it all done the right way we take the easy way out…

In our health we do it every day. How many medications could we stop taking if we just did what we know that we should do… exercise and eat right. How many of us could stop taking aspirin, Tylenol, or highly addictive pain medications if we corrected the problem instead of covering it up with a medication.

I get that some of you are thinking, “but you don’t understand I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work”

I get it, but isn’t it worth trying again? Aren’t you worth not being dependent on some drug to live your life?

The crazy thing is that every day in my office, and in Chiropractic offices across the world, people tell me “why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner?”  “Why didn’t I know that this could help me?” “Why did I have to miss out on so much? Because if I would have known that this is how my life could have been I would have been here years ago.”

It’s my hope that someone somewhere reads this and finds a great Chiropractor to help them get back to living the life that they truly want.

Better yet, be someone’s hero & say something.  …don’t make us your best kept secret..

-Dr. Bell

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