Throughout the day, we all face two types of problems. Things needing to be addressed right away, and others that are affected by our ever decision, made in the mere moment-to-moment of our everyday life. Our health lands on both sides of this issue. Broken legs, concussions, and plenty of other physical injuries are unavoidable and absolutely need immediate attention. But matters such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, and chronic pain are preventable with the proper care. We firmly believe that our DREAMS, give us each a fighting chance; but here, our DREAMS are defined as a focus on six specific things: diet, rest, exercise, alignment, mindset, and stress management.


We’ve all, at one point on another, heard someone say, “you are what you eat.” Rarely do we look at the implication of this statement throughout the day as we decide on the things we consume for each and every meal. When we do not give our body proper nutrition it needs, our brain begins to produce cortisol, the primary stress hormone in the body, which leads to high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and weight gain. But developing discipline in this area can impact how our bodies run, and how we feel, overall, on a day-to-day basis.


No one can deny we live in a world where the workaholic type is most commonly admired. Mix in the connectivity that technology has given us, and it is just about impossible to sit down for more than an hour without the itch to check our email. Our brain is relentlessly churning with should-haves and what-ifs causing us miss out on the value of stillness. If we allow ourselves a few minutes a day to unload, unwind, and enjoy the simplicity of a moment, we may come to find true rest. This quiet time leads to a shaper focus throughout the day and better sleep in the evening as we practice clearing our mind.


Are you getting enough exercise? Endless statistical data has been released proving regular exercise leads to various benefits from improved blood flow to having similar psychological effects as anti-depressants. Yet, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed a mere twenty percent of Americans meet the government’s minimum suggestion of exercising twice a week, for two hours. Why? Often, we view exercise purely as a means to improve physical appearance and do not account for the mental and emotional significance. We believe a balanced training routine of weight-training, aerobic exercise, and mobility programming, gives the body the strength and well being it needs to preform at optimal levels, with an better physical appearance being a natural, unavoidable benefit. 


Similar to electricity, the flow of water, and any entity in motion, the body wants to follow the path of least resistance. Meaning the body will align itself in ways it can repeat habitual action with the least amount of effort.  We see this in society by rounded shoulders and poor posture as a result of countless hours spent on the computer or scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, (etc.). To add insult to injury, even if we are meeting the exercise standards given to us, without proper discretion, we can actually aggravate these misalignments. Muscle will build throughout the body cementing underactive muscles needed for proper alignment. Appropriate recovery and consistent adjustments will promote strong and holistic body capable of continued pain-free use.   


The mind stands as the center for the entire body and we believe you are capable of taking control. We live in an age with limitless possibility of what will come up day-to-day and even hour-to-hour. Much of what will confront us throughout time is out of our control, so, naturally, we should instead look to the things we do have jurisdiction over. Things like our body, our mental and emotional health, our diet, and the attitude we attack each day. 

Stress Management

In 2011 the American Psychological Association (APA) conducted a study in which they reported forty-four percent of Americans said their stress level increased in the last five years.  The APA went on to define stress as an emotion that interferes with the ability to function normally over an extended period of time. Leaving us wondering, what can we do about this? We see this as a two-part response. First, take control of your DREAM, as these aspects of your life become part of your regular routine, stress management will become easier as your body no longer fights itself and other sources of stress relief have been established. Second, go have fun! Do some yoga, go out to the movies with loved ones, or even try something completely new and see how it goes. The world is full of opportunity and is waiting for you to explore.  


We implore you to take advantage of the body you’ve been given and be willing to dream big. We are here to help, and would love the chance to be there for you, and be there with you. Helping you never stop striving to reach your True Potential.

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