Tame Holiday Stress with These 3 Simple Tips

Tame Holiday Stress 

When you’re a child, the holidays can seem like the most exciting time of year. For adults, though, the holiday season can feel more stressful than fun. Between attending parties, entertaining family and friends, and making sure you’ve got a gift for everyone on your list, you might feel downright exhausted by the time the new year rolls around. At True Potential Chiropractic in Beaverton, we have a few tips for enjoying the holidays while keeping your stress levels low.

1. Moderate Your Expectations

Not every holiday season will feel magical. It’s okay to feel ambivalent about the holidays, especially if you’re dealing with other things in your life, such as a recent loss of a loved one or problems at your job. Maintaining a realistic attitude will help you get through the holidays without setting your expectations for the season, or yourself, too high.

2. Practice Healthy Self-Care

It’s hard to say no to freshly-baked cookies and other holiday treats, but taking care of your physical health will go a long way towards helping you manage your holiday stress. Nutrition, exercise, and sleep are more important than ever during this busy time of year. Taking regular personal time to meditate, work on a hobby, or just relax can also help you maintain your emotional equilibrium during the chaotic holiday season.

3. Make a List (And Check It Twice)

The holiday season often feels overwhelming because there’s just so much to do. If the pressure’s on and you’re feeling stressed, try making a list of your must-do tasks. This gives you an objective overview of what you’ve accomplished, what you still have to do, and how much time you need to do it.

See Your Chiropractor as Part of Your Holiday Self-Care Plan

If you’ve been focusing on everybody except yourself this holiday season, it’s time to slow down and recharge. Call us to make your appointment at True Potential Chiropractic today. From chronic pain treatment to restorative massage therapy, we’re your best source for chiropractic care in Beaverton.

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