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Portland's Elite, Corrective Care Wellness Center

What's more important than your health? 

Excellent health is the cornerstone to all things possible, it's the foundation for your True Potential.

Your health enables you to do anything you want - be productive and energetic at work (giving you the ultimate in job security), create lasting memories with your kids/grand kids, take vacations with friends and family and, as you get older, spend your money on family vacations or at golf courses, not medical procedures, drugs and/or nursing homes. 

When you're proactive, you get to decide!

Fact is, the human ecosystem is self-healing and self-regulating, with the brain and nervous system in charge.  Intelligence to regulate health and healing must occur with little-to-no interference as possible.  According to current research, the most common site for interference occurs in the spine, caused by spinal misalignments. Most of the time, the damage is done years before we feel any type of pain or symptom

This is why everybody deserves to be checked

The system that controls the body also controls your health and proper alignment between the brain and the organs is an essential component.  We believe this fact alone is the best keep secret in healthcare today.  If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, diagnosed with a disease or chronic condition that won't go away, in pain occasionally or consistently, missing work due to a health issue, always irritable and grouchy to your spouse or kids because you're uncomfortable or not enjoying your life, then you may be deficient in your requirement to express health and self-heal.  If you feel like you are already healthy, then what's your plan to keep it that way?  GET CHECKED!

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